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Fidget Spinner Plus

The Dumais family is please to announce that our Fidget Spinner Plus iOS app is available to download from the App Store. The making of Fidget Spinner Plus was a family affair, with the kids leading the charge in designing an app they would love!


Last month our nine year old son came up with the idea of making a fidget spinner for his iPod. He became our project manager and the driver behind the concept of using the camera for an augmented reality play experience and designing your own spinner.

Our seven year old twin boys were in charge of compiling a collection of 14 fun spinners to include in the app. Design your own fidget spinner to add to your collection!

Spin your Fidget Spinner by swiping the screen, our game play field supports real physics, with bouncing and collisions and exciting sound effects!

Of course Dad wanted to support the Apple Watch! Spin your spinners on your Apple Watch using either the touch screen or the digital crown.

You can choose from 14 different Fidget Spinner by force touching the display.  Our Apple Watch App also supports a Complication for easily launching your Fidget Spinner.

We hope you have fun spinning in this real simulation of a Fidget Spinner!

Download from the App Store now!

Fidget Spinner Plus


Epoch Clock App

Our first app is now live in the iOS app store.  It’s called Epoch Clock.

You can download it from the App Store:

Epoch Clock app

The Epoch Clock app displays and converts time from Epoch time, which is number of seconds since January 1st, 1970. The Epoch time is used by most computers to calculate the current time.

The Epoch Clock app also displays the time in local timezone as well as GMT. Other display options include, the time in Roman numerals and Binary Clock.

Convert any Epoch time to local time, and back. Touch the displayed time, to copy to your clipboard. This is the perfect app for software & devops engineers, DBAs and IT Administrators!

Enjoy the Epoch Clock on your Apple Watch! You can check the time in Epoch, Roman or Binary using the Apple Watch App. Use the Apple Watch Complication to display the Epoch time directly on your Apple Watch Face. A convenient app to have on hand for all developers and sysadmins 😉