Fidget Spinner Plus

Fidget Spinner Plus

Have fun spinning the Fidget Spinner in this real simulation of a Fidget Spinner.  We include 14 fun spinners to choose from.  You can also design your own Fidget Spinner and add it to your collection, then spin and play with it!

Spin your Fidget Spinner by swiping the screen, our game play field supports real physics, with bouncing and collisions and exciting sound effects.

Battle Mode allows you to play with 2 spinners at the same time and battle a friend on the same screen, see which person can spin their fidget the longest.

Customize the background to either your favourite colour, a photo or the live camera for an Augmented Reality play.

Also supports the Apple Watch, spin your spinners on your Apple Watch using either the touch screen or the digital crown.  You can choose from 14 different Fidget Spinner by force touching the display.  Our Apple Watch App also supports a Complication for easily launching your Fidget Spinner.